Samsung Full Console Dishwasher with Adjustable Upper Rack
This mighty dishwasher by Samsung offers a lot of convenient features that are perfect for any household. It’s ENERGY STAR® certified, so it saves on energy usage and also on utility bills. It performs quietly at just 50 decibels, so it can be run at any time and won’t disturb anyone.

In its performance, there is a hard food disposer which eliminates the pesky need of pre-rinsing or scrubbing dishes, pots or pans. The upper rack is adjustable by two inches which is perfect for accommodating large or tall items such as big baking dishes or tall pitchers and other glassware. At the same time, it can also hold 15 place settings.

Samsung’s top-of-the-line technology is included with this dishwasher. A digital water leakage sensor will automatically turn off the dishwasher once it detects that there is a potential leak. The dishwasher also includes a self-cleaning filtration system. It practically takes care of itself. All it requires is detergent and the simple press of a button, and that’s it!

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